Scouting Notes: 2023 Talent League Girls – Round 16

COATES Talent League Girls action returned on the weekend with six games taking place across the penultimate round of action. As always we took note of some of the top performers, focusing in on state representatives and bottom-age players at this point in the season.

  • Team
  • GWV Rebels
  • Western Jets


#1 Isabella Davies

Playing easily her highest production game of the year, Davies spent time on the inside as well as the outside and racked up a match-high 36 disposals. The 160cm bottom-ager has some nice game smarts and gets into the right spots, with her defensive pressure to punch above her weight division admirable as well. She can rush at times when forced into trouble which is the next step for her, but Davies competes really well and tries to take the game on to set up her teammates.

#5 Jessica Rentsch

Not a huge game, but the AFLW Academy member still had some trademark bursts out of defence. She even had a chance on goal in the first term receiving it at the top of 50 running to 40m and just missing, but did well to shoot without breaking stride. She burst off several more times, and while she was not as prolific late in the game, she still had those eye-catching plays. At one point Rentsch ran herself into trouble trying to get back onto her right, but is strong when she is tackled, able to still get a handball away.

#17 Claire Mahony

The fact Vic Country will have Ash Centra and Mahony as key forwards next season is something to get excited about, with Mahony having a suite of outstanding traits. She is still raw, but her hands are strong, and she is super athletic for a 181cm tall, clunking eight marks from 18 disposals. She kicked a nice goal from a set shot, and then another from a brilliant pickup and snap, with Mahony believing she had kicked the winning goal in the final 30 seconds only for it to have just strayed the wrong side of the post. Still, she was a standout on the ground and hard to match up on given her traits.

#24 Lily Jordan

It was great to see Jordan spend time on the inside and join the midfield rotation. She seems to always be involved in the play, and has the natural goal sense when forward to do damage. She kicked a ripping goal after winning it in congestion and getting into space to kick it on the run and curl it around the post. An aggressive nature, Jordan can get into trouble with her overzealous attack, but she has a high competitive nature. As a naturally dual-sided forward, she can also easily swing onto her left if corralled without making it look awkward like most. Her kicking at times can be hit and miss, but when she nails it, they look very good.

#27 Tyla Crabtree

Another GWV small who just puts in four quarters of effort each and every game. Having missed a lot of the season due to injury, Crabtree still earned a spot in Vic Country’s side and held her own there. She cracks in and is a see-ball, get-ball type operator. A bit rough with her execution, she adds that fierce attack on the contest, and will run hard to get into space. Her team-first attitude and contested ball-winning ability is what stands out.

#35 Laila Lappin

Similar to Crabtree but at the other end of the heights scale, Lappin is a player who just has a crack. She competes in the air, and at ground level, and loves to take the opposition on. This can lead to some troubles if she can not power through tackles, but she is able to take some clean grabs as well. Her composure and execution can still be refined, though Lappin has a powerful kick and is not afraid to take it out of the ruck and go down the ground or have a flying shot when inside 50.


#4 Megan Smart

The Jets top-ager showed enough traits earlier in the season to trial for Vic Metro, and while her consistency is not there yet, she was strong against the Rebels. Her defensive nature is always high, and she laid nine tackles on the evening to go with her 14 touches. She kicked a clever goal off a step in the third term to put her side in front, and given her traits, would likely be best suited to a defensive forward.

#9 Sierra Grieves

The bottom-ager again predominantly played forward and was one of the better Jets, looking good as a lead-out target and then applying pressure once the ball hit the deck. She has a nice leap, and is a quick disposer of the ball. Grieves was best known for her incredible accumulation early in the season, but she is arguably having more impact as that link-up forward, and while she did not kick a goal on the weekend, had 17 disposals, four marks, 10 tackles and three inside 50s to play a critical role for the Jets.

#14 Kiera Whiley

The Western Jets skipper worked hard all game and seemed to do more in the final three quarters. She got into defence to mop up on a number of occasions, while moving well at the stoppages in midfield. She loves ducking out the back of stoppages to ensure she cannot get run-down in a tackle and weights her kicks well. She had a number of outstanding passes, and though again her impact was largely inside based, she works to get to the outside and get involved in transition.

#30 Alex McBride-Loane

Another strong aerial display from the Vic Metro Under 16s representative who clunked a match-high nine marks to go with 19 disposals and five inside 50s. Also rolling through the ruck to produce eight hitouts, McBride-Loane has some of the safest hands for her age, and also provides some great pressure at ground level. Only rewarded with the one official tackle, McBride-Loane still brings the unrewarded aspects once the ball hits the ground.

#40 Charlotte Miller

Making her debut for the Jets, the 2007-born Miller caught the eye with an impressive 17-disposals, three-mark, three-tackle and four-rebound 50 game. She took some good marks on the wing and her kicking technique looked good. It looked like Miller enjoyed the open spaces that Mars Stadium provides, and is not afraid to run with ball-in-hand.

  • Team
  • Calder Cannons
  • Geelong Falcons


#1 Maddison Albrecht

Known for her attack on the ball, Albrecht loves to scrap away at ground level and put her body on the line. Though not big in stature, she makes up for it in competitiveness, and she got reward for effort in the third term with a hard running goal where she just got ball to boot as she was dragged down. Albrecht gets into the right spots to win the ball and can be evasive in traffic.

#3 Chloe Baker-West

Though the 2007-born Baker-West has had bigger games – in fact her 23 disposals was incredibly her lowest of the season – she just played her role, with the Vic Metro representatives returning to the side through the midfield. She won a lot of her touches around the stoppages and showed some class with her finishing, kicking a goal from a clever finish inside 50 late in the third quarter. Quick to dispose of it by hand or foot, Baker-West works well as a link-up player.

#5 Jade McLay

One of the better Cannons in the match, McLay played through midfield and defence, being a strong intercept force overhead. She clunked six marks to go with her 22 disposals, and though she can tend to bomb it off the boot for distance over accuracy, it is her strength and power that stands out. She clears the danger zone and puts the ball into space for her teammates, while putting her body on the line at the stoppages. A reliable marking target around the ground.

#15 Shauna McElligott

Another double bottom-ager who continues to shine since everything clicked in her third game. McElligott can play both as a deep and high forward, with a lot of her work coming in the 40-70m area from her goal. She still converted a major herself in the game early in the match from lead and mark, but set up a number of goals to her teammates with neat kicks and good decision making. Has averaged 15.3 disposals, 3.3 marks and 2.0 goals per game the last four rounds.

#19 Kyla Forbes

The bottom-age left footer spent more time in the forward half of the ground rather than the midfield – though still had some rotations through there – kicking two goals off her trusty boot. She capitalised off a Falcons fumble in the goalsquare for her second, with her first coming after blazing away and nailing a goal on the run. She had a couple of chances moments earlier doing the same thing which missed, and she can tend to blaze away a bit, but has the ability to do a lot of damage when it pays off.

#24 Amy Gaylor

In arguably her best game of the season, Gaylor ticked a lot of boxes now she is a couple of games back from her knee injury. She had the 17 disposals, seven tackles, five inside 50s and kicked a goal, which showed both her offensive and defensive capabilities. She is a naturally strong defensive player, with high tackle counts each week, but her ability to get forward and impact the game via the scoreboard – which came after some quick thinking in the goalsquare – was critical. Another left-footer with serious ability and has the potential to impact in finals.

#25 Kayley Kavanagh

Kavanagh was our Player Focus for Round 16, with her full performance detailed in that article. For reference, she racked up 35 disposals, six marks, three inside 50s and two rebound 50s, with her ability to get to the outside and have an impact the most impressive area of her game given she has always been a consistent inside ball-winner.



#7 Sara Howley

Producing another huge game in a contest of massive ball-winners, Howley worked hard from the inside and around the ground to bring up 31 disposals. Her defensive pressure was a feature of the game, laying a match-high 10 tackles as well. She moved impressive in traffic and converted a brilliant goal out of a forward half stoppage late in the third term. Though her team went down, Howley still racked up the ball with ease and had a number of score involvements.

#8 Mekah Morrissy

Backing up her impressive final AFLW Under 18s match, the Falcons winger was lively across the course of the game and provided consistent run in transition. Her kicking execution a little below her usual effective self, but she did provide some nice looping handballs or quick fire dish-offs to teammates to keep the ball live. Her defensive pressure was once again strong, and in particular, Morrissy’s second half stood out as she ran hard right to the final siren.

#24 Chantal Mason

Used to having plenty of forward 50 entries and opportunities at the Falcons, Mason found the going a little tougher as a forward with the ball up the other end. Still, she was able to kick a couple of goals from limited opportunities, clunking six marks from 10 touches. She has outstanding goal sense and nailed a second major from a set shot, while a few more chances went begging. Still, Mason provided a target inside 50 and was the Falcons’ sole multiple goalkicker.

#25 Chloe Adams

The captain worked hard all day as one would expect, playing both midfield and defence. She was neat with ball-in-hand both in her kicking and handpassing, while putting her body on the line. When moved on-ball she was able to add that extra strength on the inside, and is strong overhead. Following a big final term where she tried to drag her team back into the game, Adams recorded 29 disposals, three marks and five tackles.

#41 Johanna Sunderland

Played higher up the ground than her typical deeper defence role, and Sunderland found a fair bit of the footy in doing so. She had the 19 disposals and generally used it well, with a calm and composed nature with ball-in-hand. She did lean towards her right side dominantly, but in the one scenario where she could have put it on her left, managed to hit a nice outside of the boot with her right to find Morrissy. Overall was consistent and aggressive in her nature going down the ground.

  • Team
  • Dandenong Stingrays
  • Tasmania Devils
Despite going down, Tasmania’s Sophie Strong showed her explosive speed and high impact-per-possession against the Stingrays | Image credit: Rookie Me Central


#5 Sophie Butterworth

The left-footer had a day out from limited chances, booting four goals and two behinds from seven kicks. She won a couple of free kicks thanks to opponents being wary of her, but while she slotted the majority of her set shots – bar one she sprayed wide – Butterworth also kicked a great goal off a snap late in the third term. She is more of the traditional full-forward with incredible hands and a booming kick, with conversion her major strength once the ball is in her hands.

#6 Jemma Ramsdale

The Rays’ skipper played an unheralded, but important role on a key player in Clark, winning the majority of one-on-one contests and being proactive with her movement. Though Clark tempted her to play further afield, Ramsdale held a good line and stayed in the back half of the ground in order to read the ball in and assist as an extra number when required. She was neat by foot and made good decisions, showing she can win the ball as well as be defensively accountable.

#7 Mikayla Williamson

It was a super performance from the AFL Women’s Academy member who had a day out in the match. Collecting a season-high 32 disposals, Williamson provided terrific dash and dare through the corridor and on the outside. She was impressive on the inside with her stoppage craft very good, and aside from a couple of flying shots that went astray, was a clear standout in the wing and deservedly named best on ground and our Player of the Week.

#8 Meg Robertson

Robertson continues to just get the job done each week, popping up when it counts and working hard from the inside to the outside. She knows where to go to find the ball, and as a midfielder has the capacity to hit the scoreboard. Though she has some up and down games, Robertson finished with 23 disposals and two goals in this one, including being aware of a forward 50 turnover to punish the devils with a slick snap.

#25 Jemma Reynolds

It was an important performance from Reynolds who has a particularly dominant second term to keep her side right in the contest. She sparked the team with some vital inside 50s – and finished with seven – with her run on the outside a feature of her game. Though on this occasions Reynolds did not hit the scoreboard, she played into that distributor role pretty well, coming off back-to-back 20-plus disposal games. A midfielder/forward to watch next year.

#26 Kayla Dalgleish

In eerily similar fashion to Robertson, Dalgleish finished with 22 disposals and two marks, and was able to impact the game, particularly in the forward half. She is a player who can pop up and kick a couple of goals and find the ball on the regular, but importantly is capable of using both sides of her body. As someone who can play both forward and midfield, Dalgleish offers a bit of everything for her side.

#45 Elli Symonds

The athletic ruck shared duties with Zoe Besanko and had the 19 hitouts to go with 16 disposals, coming up against a similarly athletic tall in Tunisha Kikoak. Her work around the ground was noted once again, with her explosive burst for a tall the standout feature. She can kick a long way, and once she tidies up the final execution will be an even more rounded talent. One of the top developing talls for next year.


#2 Ava Read

Similar to Butterworth but with opposite frames, the lightly-built Read does not rely on having to outmuscle opponents, but rather read the ball incredibly well and lead into space. She is a clean mark once she gets that separation on her opponent and her set shot kicking is consistent and reliable. Read booted two goals in the third term – having nine disposals all up – and played her role coming out of full-forward.

#8 Sophie Strong

A well-deserved late inclusion in the Under 17s Futures match, Strong has all the traits of a player who has room to improve in 2024. The bottom-ager set up a number of scoring chances in the first half, while kicking an important goal herself to give her team breathing room. Strong has that explosive speed coupled with some nice smarts, and though she is not a huge accumulator, her 11 disposals – and two goals – seemed more like 20-plus touches.

#9 Mia Anderson

One of a number of 2007-born stars from the Apple Isle, Anderson had a quieter game on the stats sheet, but like Strong was clearly a star for the Devils. Her inside nous, clean hands and ability to weave through traffic makes her a top-end talent for the future, and coupled with her best defensive performance of the year – nine tackles – gave glimpses of top Tasmanian talent Brooke Barwick as a bottom-ager. Anderson is strong overhead with fantastic skills, and is a name to remember for 2025.

#15 Priya Bowering

Speaking of 2007-born talents, one player who has already announced herself from last season as a triple bottom-ager then is Bowering. She is a different player to Anderson, though has a powerful burst, and is more of a contested ball-winner and capable goalkicker. She can spend time as a lead-out forward as well as dominate through the midfield and will be a terrific clearance player over the next couple of years.

#24 Georgia Clark

Clark had a tough day out against Ramsdale who was unwilling to give her and inch in the forward 50. The AFLW Academy member did manage to convert a set shot from a downfield free kick, but missed one in the third term from a rare mark she would normally slot. Though she did not have one of her best offensive games, what stands out about Clark is her work rate to try and work over her opponent. She pushed up to half-back at times and doubled back to really try and test Ramsdale’s endurance. Then, she brought the defensive heat laying a game-high 13 tackles, which is outstanding for a tall forward. While it was not her best game, Clark found a way to remain involved and do the non-negotiables well.

#29 Mackenzie Williams

Unfortunately Williams came away worse for wear following an injury in the third term where she had to be helped from the field. Prior to that, she had the ball on a string picking up 22 disposals and though her execution was iffy, she did dish off some eye-catching long handballs that opened up space for her teammates. She went into the midfield and won a couple of key clearances using her stronger frame there prior to going down with injury.

#33 Mackenzie Ford

Ford is one of those players you love to have on your team. She has pace to burn and a high defensive mindset while being able to impact offensively. Kicking a goal thanks to her work rate running to the goalsquare and soccering it off the deck in the third term, Ford laid 10 tackles from 13 disposals and really stepped up through the middle two terms. The top-ager is perhaps a touch underrated compared to others, and though she is not always the flashiest player, ticks a lot of the boxes required of a player to reach the next level.

  • Team
  • Sandringham Dragons
  • Eastern Ranges


#12 Jasmine Shepherd

The Vic Metro defender was particularly good early, winning a number of crucial one-on-ones. Showed her aggressiveness at the ball and proactive nature to come off her opponent to impact a contest, as well as her competitiveness. Her aggressive kickout in the second term really got the Dragons running on an overlap, and set up an end-to-end goal.

#15 Sophie McKay

It was a tale of two halves for McKay, who was dominant in the opening two quarters, seemingly everywhere and firing off handballs or kicking inside 50. In the second half, she was tightly guarded at the stoppages by the Ranges midfield so could not have the same impact, but when she did win it, used it well by hand and showed superior vision.

#16 Isabel Bacon

Bacon continued her good form over the past couple of months, with a balance of offensive and defensive traits. She showed off her speed with a couple of nice bursts, and had a chance in the second term where she pushed hard forward, burst away inside 50, spun as she was pushed and it just cannoned into the post. Though she can rush at times, she has a lot of traits that are developable at the next level.

#21 Daisy Flockart

A classy player who kicked a ripping goal out of congestion early when it bounced home from 40m even with a late push. She was really busy throughout the first half, also possessing a slick sidestep and strong hands in the air, though had a finger taped which made trying take a juggling mark later in the game difficult. Still, she managed to have an influence off a wing.

#24 Emily Gough

Spending time off a wing and getting back to help the defence, Gough made a number of critical intercepts and provided run in transition. In the second term, she intercepted it off a stray kick inside 50 then launched a long-range goal. In the third quarter she ran-down Hayley McLaughlin in a terrific effort but unfortunately turned the ball over by foot. Her athleticism is her standout trait for a 180cm-plus player and she set up what many though was the winning goal to Mia Zielinski by bursting down the ground and finding her inside 50.


#7 Stasia Stevenson

The bottom-ager played a really consistent four-quarter game, but was most crucial in the third term. The tide needed to change in the Ranges’ favour, and Stevenson’s two goals – as part of Eastern’s five-goal run – certainly did that. Her first came from a tight angle set shot following a good run-down tackle, with her second coming after getting on the end of a scoring chain. Her defensive pressure and offensive knack stood out.

#12 Georgia Knight

Is a natural leading and crafty forward, and Knight played her role inside 50 kicking two goals for the Ranges. Her first came from a lead-out mark and set shot, with her other major putting her side in front during the third term with a tight angle goal. She worked hard up the ground, and Knight is developing that aspect of her game, with a number of nice passes that helped set up her teammates too.

#14 Alyssia Pisano

It was a relatively quiet game for the star forward who was unsurprisingly tightly guarded by the Dragons defence, having torched them in the space of five minutes last time the two sides played. She threatened to get off the chain in the second half with a bread and butter snap in the third term, before missing some chances she would normally gobble up. Pisano finished with 1.3 for her troubles.

#15 Jacinta Hose

A raw, developing ruck/forward who is still building up match fitness coming back from a long-term injury, Hose clunked some good marks and competed well in the ruck around the ground. She has some nice speed for a player of her height, and though her fundamentals can still improve, she has the contested side and athletic side of her game down pat.

#17 Grace Baba

A really exciting defender who continues to impress, and was rewarded with representation in the Under 17s Futures game on Saturday. She has some great speed, and can play an aggressive, proactive style, mopping up plenty out of the back 50. She has clean hands both in the air and at ground level and can use the ball well when not under pressure. Tidying up her execution when blazing away is a good next step, but she is a high-upside footballer.

#22 Grace Belloni

Played forward and rolled through the ruck as well as being part of the midfield rotation, Belloni showed her strength throughout the match, winning a free kick in the second term, and then courtesy of a 50m penalty for encroachment, kicked a set shot goal. She can be a touch slow to react when winning it at the stoppage, but uses her hands well, and is competitive both in the air and at ground level.

#54 Tayla McMillan

An incredibly promising player for the 2025 AFLW Draft, McMillan is class personified. She can read the taps off hands, move through traffic and dispose of the ball cleanly. Still a lightly-built midfielder who is not a massive accumulator, McMillan makes 15 touches feel like 30 with her ability to hit lace-out targets inside 50 as she did to Knight in the first term. A really clean player with high footy IQ.

Grace Baba had another impressive game in defence for Eastern Ranges | Image credit: Rookie Me Central

  • Team
  • Gippsland Power
  • Northern Knights


#15 Jasmine Sowden

The bottom-age Power midfielder was arguably the pick of the Gippsland players in the loss, cracking in and bringing both the ball-winning and defensive pressure elements to the game. She read the ball well off hands at the stoppages, moved well around the ground and could use both sides of her body. Sowden has a natural aggressive streak to her game, applying stacks of bone-crunching tackles or bumps and her second efforts were admirable. She finished with a whopping 17 tackles to go with 26 disposals.

#19 Ella Stoddart

It was another consistent game from Stoddart who played on the last line and out of defence, rebounding time and time again. She took the team kickouts as usual, though the breeze blowing hard out to her preferred left side in the first term saw her turn a few kicks over. Using her strength to win one-on-ones and consistently clear the ball from danger, Stoddart had some key moments for her side in challenging conditions.

#21 Amber Schutte

Named her side’s best by the coaches, Schutte has become a reliable defensive player, but also found herself more up the ground at the half-forward mark. She is strong overhead and with time and space can hit those targets off her right boot. Schutte has a penetrative kick, and gathers well at ground level as well as in the air, with a high level of competitiveness too.

#29 Rebecca Fitzpatrick

A promising player for the future, Fitzpatrick has a nice balance of power and skill, able to win the ball at speed in close and burst off to kick it further afield. She is a distributor by hand or foot at half-forward, weighting her kicks well inside 50 and makes split-second decisions. Unfortunately when forced to clear the danger on the goalline in the third term, it resulted in an intercept mark to the Knights and they kicked their first goal. Still, her draftable traits are evident.

#30 Addison Howe

Howe held her own against quality opponents and played one of her better games for the season. The 2007-born tall had the 13 disposals – just the second time she had surpassed the nine – and seven hitouts. She won a few hitouts against the stronger and more experienced Lauren Jatczak, and even took a good mark. She predominantly won it in the air and dished off quickly by hand, and though she is still raw, showed promising signs for a tall.


#4 Holly Ridewood

One of the most consistent Knights throughout the match, Ridewood has some developable traits for a bottom-ager. She did well getting into space and was used in transition consistently, often winning it between the arcs and getting it forward. Though raw and has areas to improve on, she catches the eye with her ability to keep the ball live and always looks for attacking options.

#5 Zoe Hargreaves

It was not her best game, but Hargreaves still managed to get involved and get her hands on the ball. She did well when in midfield around the stoppages and was quick to get boot to ball and put it forward. Hargreaves covered the ground well and though she did not have too many of her bursting runs, she still contributed to the team and had some neat moments.

#9 Kira Lemire

Another strong aerial display from the forward who had four marks from eight disposals and kicked a critical goal on the three quarter time siren to help the Knights gain a buffer at the last change. She presents well and impressed at ground level laying five tackles, with her leap, and reliability in front of goal features of her game, even in challenging conditions.

#11 Hannah Scott

Playing a key role in defence, Scott was neat with ball-in-hand and able to dispose of it well from the back 50. Desperate with her attack on the contest and able to link up well from the defensive 50, Scott tried hard all game. She had a couple of moments she might take back such as spoiling her teammate Tahlia Plunkett trying to mark and also getting run-down when she was a touch slow to react, but read the ball well coming into the defensive 50.

#14 Ava Jordan

Starting the game off with a purple patch, Jordan seemed to be everywhere either winning it and putting it into dangerous spots, or roving under the feet of her teammates. Her ball use and footy IQ is off the charts, and though she could not quite convert a couple of chances she had inside 50, she consistently looked lively. At one point she was double-teamed leading out into the pocket such was her early impact. She was not as influential later in the game, but was always a threat, kicking three behinds from 12 touches.

#38 Marlo Graham

One of the 2007-born players who caught the eye at the AFLW Under 16s Championships, Graham had another high-impact game. Finishing with the 16 disposals, Graham has the class with ball-in-hand, and though she can still be a little rough in her fundamentals – such as rushing under pressure or a bounce going astray inside 50 after bursting away late in the game – she still provides 100 per cent consistent effort throughout. She laid a team-high 12 tackles in the win which exemplified that fact.

#40 Scarlett Johnson

Double bottom-ager Johnson had one of her best games in the past couple of months, kicking a goal from 13 disposals and looking lively from half-forward. She got into space well and looked like doing some damage, and though the final execution at times is an area that can improve, she had a promising link-up role in the air and then providing support at ground level.

#47 Olivia Gorman

Though the 2007-born Gorman did not win a lot of the ball – she had just the nine touches – she did catch the eye with her kicking technique and clean hands. She gathered it well and generally used it effectively going inside 50 aside from one kick that went astray out of bounds in the wind. A player who finds space and links up well. she is not a high accumulator, but looks promising for the future.

  • Team
  • Oakleigh Chargers
  • Bendigo Pioneers
Chloe Bown is an exciting 2007-born talent who can roll through both forward and midfield | Image credit: Rookie Me Central


#5 Abbey Vicino

The bottom-age midfielder is an interesting prospect for next year. A natural accumulator, she moves well at the stoppage and loves to take on the opponent with an outstanding first few steps. She plays with an aggressive style, charging forward and giving her team a good chance at putting a score on the board. At times she can blaze away and needs to refine both the execution and decision making aspects of her game, but that will continue to develop over the next 12 months, with her contested nature, and ability to find space very impressive.

#10 Amy Cariss-Brett

Cariss-Brett seems to love playing at Warrawee, having impressed against the Cannons earlier in the year, and had another strong game on the wing against the Pioneers. She collected 21 disposals, five marks and laid five tackles, while having a game-high seven inside 50s. Cariss-Brett has a balance of offensive and defensive traits, and can hit some nice passes. It is about remaining consistent in that area, but her run and carry is an aspect that will attract clubs, particularly being able to play that specialist wing role.

#23 Maiya Stobie

Stobie enjoyed a day out, booting five straight and setting up her teammates for a couple more. She kicked two in the first term and had three by the half, all coming from classy snaps around her body. Her fourth game from a mark inside 50, then laid a great run-down tackle on Kaylea Kobzan and unselfishly set up Smith with a goal. She received the favour back shortly after, left all alone in the goalsquare to convert a fifth major. A terrific little forward who has some great goal sense.

#25 Emma McDonald

It was an outstanding game from the bottom-age tall who only kicked the one goal – it came early from a mark and set shot – with another couple of chances falling short or going wide. Still, McDonald looked unbeatable in the air, clunking six marks from 15 disposals and causing all sorts of headaches for the opposition. McDonald possesses an outstanding field kick as well so can be a forward who impacts up the ground, then went into defence for the last quarter, and took a couple of intercept marks in the defensive 50 as well.

#29 Kristen Smith

Returning for the first time in 2023, the over-ager had a massive day with six goals in a rout. She did not kick one in the first term, but got going after that, feasting on the Pioneers defence with five majors in the second half. Quite often they were from one-on-one marks or reading the play incredibly well to get into the right spots. Has some great natural talent as a forward and has left no stone unturned for clubs keen on her type if she can build form through the finals series.

#37 Chloe Bown

The 2007-born Bown is Oakleigh’s standout prospect for that year at this stage and had another outstanding game. She booted three goals from 25 disposals, including the first major of the day from a clever snap. She has good hands, competes well overhead and at ground level and can hit targets with consistency around the ground. Expect her to become a full-time midfielder who rests forward in the future, but she is already projecting as one of the top talents when her time comes, and has plenty of upside to go with her offensive output.


#1 Lila Keck

It was a tough day out, but Keck looked to do everything she could to help her team. She found the ball consistently playing midfield and resting forward, earning a number of clearances. She looked to sidestep or dance around opponents to buy time, or kick to space in order to give her teammates a chance. Winning a lot of outside ball, Keck has the knack to win it and go, and while she missed a flying snap in the second term, was one of the better Pioneers players on the day.

#2 Steph Demeo

The Vic Country defender was solid all game and has all the basics to be a good running back or rotating midfielder. A hard worker who cracks in for four quarters, Demeo plays within her abilities and makes good decisions by hand or foot. She can take the game on and release teammates, and also brings the defensive pressure, racking up 20 disposals and laying five tackles in the loss.

#8 Octavia Di Donato

The over-ager returned for her first game of the year having played with Carlton’s VFLW team this season. Di Donato looked that step above in her side in terms of her ball-winning capabilities, and she finished with 25 disposals, nine marks and seven tackles. Having been one of the top prospects from the year before, Di Donato showed those impressive skills as well as her determination to run in transition.

#18 Alice Voss

Voss has a crack with everything she does, whether it is playing ruck or back, and she gets into the right spots. She can take a grab and always looks to either run off, or bomb the ball long with a booming kick. She has areas to work on, particularly in the execution side of her game, but is a good size at 173cm and can bring an enormous amount of defensive pressure.

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