Big scores don’t get big result in Adelaide

THE big scores continued on the final day of the inaugural CA Gold vs CA Green match, but ultimately that led to the match being called a draw.

Starting the day needing to set up proceedings for the hope of a result, CA Green took a slow and steady approach to start the day. Georgia Voll and Chloe Piparo only managed to add 13 runs to their partnership before Piparo was dismissed. It was not long before Green lost another wicket before steadying with a 50 run partnership then a 38 run partnership. However they did continue to lose wickets, and were eventually dismissed for 259, setting a target for Gold of 265 to win.

Voll (56) and Piparo (55) both finished with big scores, but neither were the top scorer for CA Green. That honour went to Alana King, who finished on 81.

Meanwhile plenty of Gold’s bowlers got in on the wicket, with Darcie Brown, Sophie Day and Charli Knott all picking up two wickets to join Gabby Sutcliffe’s trio from the day prior.

In reply, CA Gold lost wickets at a pretty consistent rate, creating solid partnerships that were not mind blowing before ultimately losing a wicket.

However, there was just ultimately not enough time in the day for a result, as Green could not quite get those last three wickets to take victory.

Emma De Broughe did have another solid time out in the middle, this time making 86 not out.

On the flipside, King (four wickets) and Heather Graham (three wickets) did the damage for CA Green, between them picking up all seven wickets that fell.


End of Day 3

1st Innings: CA Green 3d-355

Georgia Voll 200 not out

Chloe Piparo 66

Maddy Darke 57

Grace Parsons 3-69

2nd Innings: CA Gold 4d-350

Emma de Broughe 115

Nicole Faltum 112

Katie Mack 56

Heather Graham 2/42

Maitlan Brown 1/29

Alana King 1/53

3rd Innings: CA Green 10/259

Alana King 81

Georgia Voll 56

Chloe Piparo 55

Gabrielle Sutcliffe 3/28

Sophie Day 2/18

Charlit Knott 2/23

Darcie Brown 2/58

4th innings: CA Gold 7/172

Emma de Broughe 86 not out

Alana King 4/52

Heather Graham 3/38

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