PROFILED | 2023 AFLW U18 All-Australian Team

LAST week the 2023 AFL Women’s Under 18 All-Australian Team was announced with 23 players from across the six competing state sides represented. In this article we take a look at those players and what they offer out on the field.


Marnie Robinson (Sydney Swans Academy/Allies)
08/06/2005 | 172cm | Back Pocket

Stats: 10.7 disposals, 2.0 marks, 3.7 tackles, 3.0 rebound 50s

The Swans Academy member captained the Allies in what was a tough series as the combined side from NSW/ACT, Tasmania and Northern Territory went down in all three games. Robinson was a constant in defence all tournament and was rewarded for her leadership and consistency with an All-Australian nod.

Kiara Bischa (Gold Coast Suns Academy/Queensland)
15/04/2005 | 171cm | Full-Back

Stats: 8.7 disposals, 1.3 marks, 4.0 tackles, 3.7 rebound 50s

One of the most impressive draft bolters of the carnival, Bischa’s performance on some of the best forwards across the league caught the eye. Keeping Lauren Young to one goal and when she was directly opposed to Ash Centra, none, Bischa showed her competitive edge to be a strong lockdown defender who can provide some rebound as well.

Evie Cowcher (Peel Thunder/Western Australia)
03/08/2007 | 173cm | Back Pocket

Stats: 17.0 disposals, 4.3 marks, 2.3 tackles, 4.0 rebound 50s, 2.0 inside 50s

Recording an impressive 17 disposals per game, Cowcher is the second youngest player in the All-Australian team. Much like her role with Peel Thunder, Cowcher plays an aggressive brand of football and is incredible in the air, while providing a stack of offensive drive from the back half of the ground. Cowcher was also Western Australia’s MVP for the series.

Laura Stone (Eastern Ranges/Vic Metro)
22/11/2005 | 169cm | Half-Back

Stats: 20.5 disposals, 3.5 marks, 3.5 tackles, 1.5 rebound 50s, 2.5 inside 50s

Though she only played the two games, Stone showed her class rolling between half-back and the midfield. Winning Vic Metro’s Best and Fairest, Stone’s carnival ended early due to injury, but she still notched up an average of over 20 disposals per game showcasing her explosive speed and ball-winning abilities.

Poppy Scholz (Glenelg/South Australia)
31/12/2006 | 179cm | Centre Half-Back

Stats: 14.0 disposals, 3.7 marks, 6.3 hitouts, 3.0 rebound 50s

The ultimate utility in the group, Scholz has shown she can play in literally any position making her a unique choice in next year’s draft. The younger sister of Port Adelaide recruit, Matilda, Poppy brings her own brand to the table with outstanding athletic traits and the knack to play both offensive and defensive roles.

Zippy Fish (East Fremantle/Western Australia)
04/06/2006 | 160cm | Half-Back

Stats: 16.7 disposals, 4.3 marks, 4.0 tackles, 6.0 inside 50s, 1.1 rebound 50s

An ultra-skilful defender/midfielder, Fish is one of the most potent ball users across the side. Clocking up a 20m sprint time of 3.14 seconds in the preseason, Fish is a player with enormous upside. Though only small in stature at 160cm, she can play inside or outside, and once she takes off, she is hard to catch. A top prospect for next year.


Kaitlyn Srhoj (Peel Thunder/Western Australia)
10/07/2005 | 175cm | Wing

Stats: 17.3 disposals, 4.7 marks, 1.3 tackles, 2.1 inside 50s

The AFLW Academy member can play both inside or outside, but was largely utilised for her run in the West Australian side. An MVP of her side in last year’s Under 17 Futures match, Srhoj has plenty of improvement for the future and looms as one of the most sought after West Australian prospects in this year’s draft.

Shineah Goody (Woodville-West Torrens/South Australia)
08/11/2005 | 162cm | Centre

Stats: 24.3 disposals, 4.3 marks, 3.3 tackles, 5.7 clearances, 3.0 inside 50s

It is hard to deny Goody’s consistency over multiple years, with the reigning MVP having another carnival deserving of All-Australian honours. The second highest ball winner and equal top clearance player for the tournament, Goody’s ability to slow time and make the right decisions really stand out, as does her speed and strength for her size.

Sara Howley (Geelong Falcons/Vic Country)
29/01/2006 | 173cm | Wing

Stats: 25.3 disposals, 6.3 marks, 4.0 tackles, 4.0 clearances, 4.0 inside 50s, 3.0 rebound 50s

In terms of sheer numbers, few can hold a candle to Howley who has been able to dominate the stats sheet just about every time she goes out on field. Recording more disposals than anyone else at the championships, she also pulled in a stack of marks, tackles, clearances and inside 50s, and was the only player to average four or more of those statistics.

Havana Harris (Gold Coast Suns Academy/Queensland)
01/07/2006 | 181cm | Ruck

Stats: 18.3 disposals, 3.0 marks, 17.0 hitouts, 2.7 tackles, 2.0 clearances, 4.7 inside 50s

The top pick for next year’s AFLW Draft at this stage, Harris earned the overall MVP for the carnival to go with her Queensland MVP. The 181cm utility played ruck, forward and even midfield such is her impact around the ground, with explosive speed and strength overhead making her a nightmare for opponents. A star of the future, Harris has the capacity to do things that no one her size should be capable of doing.

Piper Window (Glenelg/South Australia | Captain)
30/07/2005 | 167cm | Ruck Rover

Stats: 17.3 disposals, 3.3 marks, 6.0 tackles, 3.7 clearances, 3.7 inside 50s

The South Australian skipper was coming off a huge year in the SANFLW, winning the league best and fairest there, and she backed it up at the national carnival with All-Australian honours. Her defensive pressure and inside game was strong, and she even spent time forward, in what was a consistent carnival for the young star. Window was also named captain of the side.

Ava Usher (Gold Coast Suns Academy/Queensland)
11/08/2007 | 162cm | Rover

Stats: 19.5 disposals, 3.0 marks, 6.0 tackles, 3.5 clearances, 5.5 inside 50s

Boasting an unrivalled highlights package, the double bottom-ager was the youngest player named in the All-Australian team. Only turning 16 in August – eight days after Cowcher – Usher showed her incredible strength, explosive speed and impact across two matches. The Gold Coast Suns will be delighted to see her progress and she looms as the standout pick from the 2007 crop at this stage.


Ash Centra (Gippsland Power/Vic Country)
02/06/2006 | 174cm | Half-Forward

Stats: 16.7 disposals, 4.3 marks, 2.3 tackles, 2.7 inside 50s, 3.0 clearances, 1.3 goals

The Vic Country MVP was near-unstoppable at her best and played back up forward after spending the majority of the Coates Talent League Girls season in defence for Gippsland Power. Fantastic overhead, and capable of doing the impossible, Centra looked ever dangerous inside 50 and is arguably the best kick in the entire team in terms of short, medium or long distances.

Dekota Baron (Gold Coast Suns Academy/Queensland)
03/01/2007 | 178cm | Centre Half-Forward

Stats: 17.0 disposals, 4.0 marks, 1.5 tackles, 8.0 hitouts, 1.3 clearances, 2.5 goals

The oldest of the 2007-born stars in the team, Baron was a threat close to goal for Queensland, kicking five goals across her two games. She was rotated from the team for game one, but made her mark from then-on, with 17 disposals and four marks per game an incredible feat. She even had stints in the ruck and looms as a player who will bbe a key forward to watch in the coming years.

India Rasheed (Sturt/South Australia)
29/11/2006 | 172cm | Half-Forward

Stats: 20.3 disposals, 4.3 marks, 6.3 tackles, 1.3 clearances, 3.3 inside 50s, 1.3 goals

Rotating between forward and midfield, the talented South Australian bottom-ager was able to impact each game she played and finished up with the South Australian MVP for the carnival. Boasting an elite left boot and inane goal sense to kick some incredible majors, Rasheed is one who will have a fair highlights reel by the time she is drafted.

Emma McDonald (Oakleigh Chargers/Vic Metro)
18/04/2006 | 180cm | Centre Half-Forward

Stats: 14.5 disposals, 4.5 marks, 1.5 tackles, 2.5 inside 50s, 3.5 goals

The standout bottom-ager from those in their debut Talent League seasons, McDonald has gone from strength to strength in 2023. She not only caught attention with her athleticism and contested marking in the Talent League, but transferred that to the national carnival with five goals helping Vic Metro over the line against the Allies. McDonald also had the highest goal average and second most goals in the carnival.

Lauren Young (West Adelaide/South Australia)
16/09/2005 | 178cm | Full-Forward

Stats: 17.3 disposals, 7.0 marks, 3.0 tackles, 2.3 inside 50s, 3.0 goals

Once it was clear Young was to play forward, it was evident she would be locked into the full-forward spot of the All-Australian team. Kicking nine goals – more than any other player – at the national carnival saw a fantastic tournament from the top pick in this year’s draft crop, making a successful return from an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury. Averaging seven marks to go with 17.3 disposals is just mindboggling too.

Elaine Grigg (Central District/South Australia)
23/12/2005 | 161cm | Forward Pocket

Stats: 18.0 disposals, 1.3 marks, 6.3 tackles, 2.3 clearances, 2.3 inside 50s

Grigg was one of those players who was too consistent not to make it into the All-Australian team, but due to the strength of the midfield, was slotted into a pocket. She only kicked the one goal in the tournament, but provided plenty of run and carry and outstanding defensive pressure. A natural winger/half-forward, Grigg has played inside at SANFLW level and is one with plenty of upside.


Brooke Boileau (South Adelaide/South Australia)
28/01/2005 | 170cm | Midfielder

Stats: 22.0 disposals, 2.7 marks, 5.0 tackles, 4.3 clearances, 2.7 inside 50s

The South Adelaide top-ager’s sensational year rolled on and is one of the feel-good stories of 2023. After missing out on making the Croweaters’ squad in 2022, she worked hard on her game and secured the spot in 2023. Not resting on her laurels, Boileau became one of the highest production players, with the third most disposals and clearances across the carnival to justify herself as a first round prospect.

Kayley Kavanagh (Calder Cannons/Vic Metro)
06/07/2006 | 169cm | Midfielder

Stats: 17.7 disposals, 2.0 marks, 5.7 tackles, 5.7 clearances, 3.3 inside 50s

Similar to Boileau, Kavanagh has been a terrific story of 2023, never dropping below 20 disposals at Coates Talent League level, and then standing up at the national carnival to win Vic Metro’s MVP. She had the equal most clearances with Goody and brought her trademark defensive pressure which caught the eye.

Molly O’Hehir (South Fremantle/Western Australia)
24/05/2006 | 176cm | Defender

Stats: 13.7 disposals, 2.0 marks, 2.3 tackles, 2.7 inside 50s, 3.3 rebound 50s

O’Hehir is one of the top bottom-agers for the Sandgropers and has shown traits over the past two seasons that are evident of a player who will be a star in the future. With explosive speed, good hands and a reliable kick, O’Hehir is a good size at 176cm as well, and been trailed across all three lines. An incredible upside player.

Jemma Charity (Woodville-West Torrens/South Australia)
06/06/06 | 170cm | Defender

Stats: 16.7 disposals, 4.7 marks, 2.3 tackles, 1.0 inside 50s, 4.0 rebound 50s

Another really versatile player, Charity spent the 2023 SANFL Women’s season as a midfielder/forward and was able to showcase her fantastic contested marking. Good overhead, clean at ground level and possessing a wonderful kick, Charity was moved to defence for the national carnival and it paid dividends. The bottom-ager was the preferred player to kick out and thrived in the role.

Mikayla Williamson (Dandenong Stingrays/Vic Country)
08/05/2005 | 174cm | Midfielder

Stats: 18.3 disposals, 2.7 marks, 4.0 tackles, 30 clearances, 2.7 inside 50s, 1.3 rebound 50s

Co-captaining Vic Country, the Dandenong Stingrays speedster elevated her draft chances with a consistent carnival. Standing at 174cm, Williamson is a good height for a midfielder, and she has that explosive speed out of the stoppage. Her execution has been refined over time and has allowed her to have more impact on games and well deserving of this accolade.

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