Scouting Notes: 2023 Talent League Girls – Round 3

THE six metropolitan teams were welcomed into the 2023 Coates Talent League Girls competition with varying success, as the next generation of talent took to the field. We highlight some of the top performers in our Scouting Notes with each note the opinion of the individual writer.

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  • Team
  • Calder Cannons
  • Sandringham Dragons

By: Michael Alvaro


#9 Amy Trindade

The Calder captain bookended her day brilliantly and ended up the matchwinner with two decisive goals in the final term. Trindade started out on the wing and impressed with a few early touches, getting from contest to contest and into good spots on the outside. Once shifted forward, a couple of scoring opportunities fell short but she fought for her first major off the deck to put Calder in front, before striking a lovely set shot through the big sticks to seal the 10-point win.

#19 Kyla Forbes

Pegged as the Cannons’ top bottom-age prospect, Forbes showed her class on Saturday and had little trouble finding the ball. The midfielder racked up 25 disposals and kicked 18 times, leaning heavily on pumping the ball forward via her favoured left side – often off one or two steps. She was perhaps a touch predictable in that sense and could have driven her legs to the outside on more occasions, but played to the conditions well and kept things simple.

#24 Amy Gaylor

Gaylor is Calder’s lone National Academy member and though the conditions may not have allowed her to fully show her class, the top-ager’s inside game proved handy in the wet. Often clean at the contest, the midfielder got her hands dirty and fed her teammates well with 13 of her 22 disposals being handballs. She also laid seven tackles and was difficult to beat over the ball, while proving polished when marking around the ground.

#25 Kayley Kavanagh

Against a fleet of foot and perhaps less experienced Sandringham on-ball brigade, Kavanagh was one who thrived in the wet en route to picking up a game-high 28 disposals. Donning black sleeves amid typically bleak Craigieburn conditions, the strong inside ball winner made an impact going both ways with good contested acumen and the willingness to make opponents feel her presence.

#39 Bridie Collings

Collings was another top-ager in Calder’s midfield rotation who played to the Cannons’ home ground advantage, earning the praise of her coaches for a solid 26-disposal effort. Low to the ground, she burrowed in at the contest and wheeled away on the exit, accumulating her fair share of possessions in the process. She even hit the scoreboard in term one with the game’s first goal – a right-foot effort which cleared the goalsquare contest.


#3 Ashley van Rooyen

A player highlighted by her coaches as one to watch, van Rooyen produced some eye-catching moments in her first game. The over-ager plied her trade in midfield and used her pace to light up the game on several occasions, backing herself to burn opponents before kicking long. While she can still add some polish, van Rooyen got better as the game wore on and should have even better games on drier decks where she can exploit her explosive speed.

#9 Jasmine Shepherd

One of several Sandringham defenders who defied the conditions with relatively clean play behind the ball, Shepherd was nothing short of resolute. She helped turn the ball over with confident intercepts, using her athleticism to do so before setting off in possession and generating decent drive off half-back. A haul of 17 disposals and six tackles was indicative of her two-way impact.

#18 Maddison Torpey

The over-ager was a real presence around the ball for Sandringham, taking on her side’s primary ruck duties and competing well against an opponent who matched her for size. With bright blue boots, Torpey often used the ball by foot and pumped it long out of the contest where she was difficult to combat. She ended up with 14 disposals, three marks and 13 hitouts in a solid all-round outing.

#19 Georgia Foran

Another 2004-born player who stood up for Sandringham, Foran reprised her familiar role down back and showcased much of the same competence there that was evident last season. She looked confident most times the ball came her way, reading the play beautifully to react first and get to the right spots, before mopping up and alleviating the danger. Many of Calder’s attacks were made to get past her.

#21 Daisy Flockart

Flockart looks like being one of the most promising bottom-agers in Sandringham’s side and showcased plenty of top traits through midfield. At 179cm, she is already a good size and holds her own at the contest, but also moves well on the outside and has handy athleticism. She blended the shrugging off of opponents with rundown tackles and was consistently able to break away with speed. After a quiet patch in term three, Flockart popped up with a booming goal and was brought back to life, ending up with 22 disposals, five tackles and five inside 50s in a top outing.

  • Team
  • Bendigo Pioneers
  • GIANTS Academy

By: Liam Badkin


#1 Lila Keck

Keck overcame a quiet start to the match by her standards to have a real impact for the Pioneers in the 25-point loss. Switching from the long-sleeve to a traditional guernsey mid-match, Keck worked her way into the contest thanks to some tireless work to get to the right spots. She worked hard around the ground to provide a consistent leading option, and got the better of her opponent on a number of occasions. Keck looked dangerous ahead of the ball too, popping up to hit the scoreboard after converting a set shot.

#5 Lucia Painter

Despite Bendigo falling short on the scoreboard, Painter was the biggest individual presence at QEO. As she often does, the midfielder used her frame to physically impose herself at stoppages, and often got first hands to the ball. She fended off the opposition with ease over the course of the match, and it often took multiple GIANTS players to take her down. Her work around the contest was unmatched, and she fought tooth and nail to try and get the ball forward for Bendigo. Finished the match with a game-high 26 touches (23 kicks) to go with 10 tackles and four marks.

#26 Jemmika Douglas

Another Bendigo player who tried tirelessly all day, Douglas continued to fight around the contest to try and clear the ball forward for the Pioneers. She was not afraid of contact as she often took on the tackler and used her footwork to evade being caught with the ball. She showed her intent in the first quarter with a classy spin move to brush off her opponent before thumping the ball forward. She had 22 touches and 12 tackles in a brave performance.


#25 Sophia de Castella

de Castella was a standout for the GIANTS on a day where it felt like the entire team delivered a strong performance. Preferring to go by hand when disposing of the ball, she did a lot of the dirty work for the GIANTS and racked up a team-high 22 touches in the process. de Castella was also a tackling machine, wrapping up a Bendigo player on 10 occasions and was the GIANTS’ best in the 25-point win.

#27 Melanie Staunton

Staunton was another who stood above the pack for the GIANTS, popping up around the ground across all four quarters. She provided plenty of run for the GIANTS, but also chased and harassed Bendigo players whenever she was given the opportunity. At stoppages, she often acted as the sweeper, and got the ball forward after some in and under work from her teammates, and her hard running was on display during a passage in the third term, where she accumulated three touches in a row.

  • Team
  • Geelong Falcons
  • Oakleigh Chargers

By: Peter Williams


#7 Sara Howley

A less influential game from the bottom-ager after a massive first fortnight. She started reasonably well applying good pressure around the stoppages, but like many of her teammates could not have the same influence in the second half. She was often found under pressure and had less space that she would like, forcing her tor rush her kicks.

#22 Kiara Woods

Woods was the dominant ruck in the game, taking control and working well around the ground. She clunked seven marks presenting down the ground and gained more confidence as the match went on after dropping a couple early. She has a good work rate to get contest to contest, and finished with her best game of the year, recording 32 hitouts from 13 disposals, seven marks and five tackles.

#25 Chloe Adams

The Geelong Falcons skipper lead from the front and was clearly her side’s best. She often pushed back behind the ball to be a kick behind play and mop up, while bringing a wealth of defensive pressure across the ground. Bringing her own ball, Adams finished with 31 disposals and a mammoth 17 tackles. Her inside pressure combined with her outside work rate was on show, and she was clean at ground level. Given time and space she can deliver cleanly on either side, and by playing more to the outside of the contest when spreading, can do a lot more damage by foot.

#27 Sesia White

The only other Falcon to find more than 15 touches, White tried hard to apply forward pressure. She produced an outstanding run-down tackle on Hausegger early in the match, and continued that pressure throughout the match, laying eight tackles. She also found the pill 18 times and did her best in what was a tough day for Falcons forward of centre.

Oakleigh’s Maggie Mahony had a day out with 30 disposals in midfield. | Image credit: Rookie Me Central


#2 Sarah Poustie

The hard-running winger showed some promising signs looking to break the lines and use the ball well. She was fierce with her tackling and was rewarded via a number of free kicks, where she often looked to release to a running teammate to get it down the ground. Doing most of her work between the arcs. Poustie was clean and clever with her disposal.

#3 Sienna Tallariti

In a well rounded team effort, Tallariti was arguably the most impressive, with just that final finishing off from having a massive game. She was strong overhead when inside 50, then used her body well when rotating into the midfield, able to rip out the contested ball and get it forward. Tallariti kicked a goal in the second term following a nice mark and set shot, then kicked another in the final term of a couple of steps. She missed a couple that were arguably of less difficulty, but still looked incredibly dangerous, providing food composure under pressure. That finishing and being a little cleaner at ground level the next step for the talented bottom-ager.

#6 Maggie Mahony

Mahony had the ball on a string, and that string was often in between a multitude of opposing players. Winning the majority of her touches at the stoppages, Mahony was involved in one-twos as well as clearing it from danger and thumping it forward. In the fourth term she kicked a nice running goal to cap off her performance, which featured 30 disposals, seven tackles and a goal.

#8 Lara Hausegger

Providing good composure off half-back, Hausegger played the role she has done so well in the past, reading the ball well and moving it in transition. She was clean by hand and good when having time and space, able to evade opponents when at full-steam. She made a couple of little errors and was run-down by White at one point, but her athletic traits are what really stood out. It was a good first game for the top-ager, and she can build on that for the remainder of the season.

#20 Lily Hart

The over-age prospect worked hard around the ground and totalled up 20 disposals and laid six tackles. Her defensive pressure was what stood out in the win, even applying a strong fend-off at half-forward in the second term. She had a shot on goal in the same term which sprayed wide after earlier winning a free kick and making no mistake from 15m out. She won five free kicks in the win, and was a solid contributor, particularly in the first half.

#23 Maiya Stobie

It would be remiss not to mention the four-goal haul of Stobie who looked dangerous inside 50. Getting goalside time and time again, she knew when to dart towards goal and got on the end of some nice chains. Stobie was the most influential forward on the ground and she did well with her ground level work. Though not big in stature at just 159cm and sometimes caught in a one-on-one, once the ball hit the deck she was off to the races.

#25 Emma McDonald

Not as prolific as others, but just showed some eye-catching traits, especially for a 180cm player. Still a bottom-ager, McDonald was making her debut and rotated between being forward and having stints in the ruck. Her turn of speed was impressive and though she finished with the two behinds, produced a performance as one to remember for what she could become.

  • Team
  • Murray Bushrangers
  • Northern Knights

By: Peter Williams


#5 Molly McLaren

Really impressive game from the speedy runner who caught the eye coming out of defence on a number of occasions and bursting down the ground. Her polish and execution is still a work in progress, but her defensive pressure was outstanding across four quarters. McLaren did well to give off a handball then immediately look to apply a follow-up effort be it receive the ball back, or a shepherd for her teammate. She is not afraid to hand out fend-offs and she covered the ground well.

#6 Payten Johnston

For a statline of nine disposals, one mark and two tackles. Johnston certainly had a far greater impact than that may suggest, kicking two goals and having four inside 50s as well. But it was Johnston’s back-to-back goals in the second term that provided a spark, including the latter of which included a nice burst and shot on goal that bounced home. She always looked dangerous when she went near it and loved to run. It looked like in the third term she ran about 30m but it was great to watch.

#9 Paige Duffy

A really good defensive effort from Duffy who tried hard all game clearing out of defence. She has such a well-rounded athletic profile which unsurprisingly comes from being an athlete before football. Still learning her craft, particularly when it comes to execution, no one could question her attack on the ball or the opponent when trying to win it back. A strong six tackles to go with 14 touches.

#26 Kaylea Kobzan

It was like Groundhog Day for Kobzan who time and time again mopped up in defence. The thumping left-footer would collect the ball in defence, kick long and look to put the ball to safety. Moments later it would be back again and she would need to do it all over. She had a couple of other players that included a strong tackle on a wing, and also being able to bring a ball to ground against multiple opponents in the third term.


#4 Holly Ridewood

Only five days away from being a double bottom-ager, Ridewood was one of the best in the first half, showing a nice burst away from stoppages and able to deliver inside 50. After an initial sprayed shot on goal, Ridewood was neat with her touches, and very solid in the air, as she looked to keep the pressure on the Bushrangers defence. Finishing with 14 disposals, four marks and seven tackles, she showed promising signs that included a run-down tackle in the second term. Was quieter in the second half but still had some nice moments.

#5 Zoe Hargreaves

A raw talent, Hargreaves has the natural footy smarts that stand out. She could be cleaner at ground level but once she has the ball in hand she can hit targets well. She takes the game on and looks to pinpoint targets inside 50, and was often stationed just outside the forward 50 for an intercept mark and pumping it long inside. Another 170cm-plus player, Hargreaves had 10 inside 50s from her 20 disposals.

#12 Tahlia Plunkett

Bottom-ager Plunkett’s work out of the centre stoppages was outstanding by being a second possession winner, bursting away then hitting a low bullet inside 50. She looked to put the ball into dangerous positions and was able to gather well when on the move. Played a good handball receive role from the midfield with only the one mark, but seven inside 50s as she was the player chosen to often run forward and find a target.

#18 Lauren Jatczak

Too big and strong for her opponents, the over-ager really dominated the ruck with 29 hitouts from 17 disposals. She covered the ground well and even got forward to kick a couple of goals in general play. Though not super quick, Jatczak made up for it with her strength at the contest and one-on-one around the ground.

#23 Lulu Beatty

The co-skipper made sure what would be her sole Knights game for 2023 before moving on to Carlton was a good one. What stood out about Beatty’s work was just her composure under pressure and being able to deliver cleanly. She racked up 22 disposals – 17 kicks – which often came from mopping up in defence and driving the ball forward. Her hands were good and she provided a target for teammates to kick to when they needed to switch play. Nine marks tell the tale of her positional and aerial dominance and she was very deserving of an AFLW spot.

#38 Marlo Graham

Class personified. Graham is only small at 160cm, but the 2007-born talent was scintillating with her disposals, so classy with ball-in-hand and able to use it well under pressure. Firing off lightning quick handballs or scooping it off the deck with one hand at speed, Graham showed an array of exciting highlights in her first game. Finishing with the 20 disposals and seven inside 50s, she gained reward for effort with a terrific one-touch pickup and snap for a goal in the last two minutes of the match.

#46 Phoebe Hargreaves

Like Graham, Hargreaves is a double bottom-ager and was huge in the win. She stands at just 158cm so contested marking is not usually a strength you would associate with someone at that height, but she took a couple against taller opponents. Her core strength and positioning helped with that, and Hargreaves showed incredibly clean hands at ground level and when under pressure. What might go unnoticed by many was her smarts on a couple of occasions to just tap the ball with one hand and guide it into space as he opponent went for a tackle. She evaded them, steadied herself and was able to run off. She had a couple of chances on goal too from long range that just missed or fell short.

  • Team
  • Tasmania Devils
  • Western Jets

By: Peter Williams


#4 Madi Lamb

One thing about Lamb that you never have to worry about is the amount of pressure she brings to the contest, and she did just that in the Round 3 match. Her hands were clean off the deck and her attack on the ball was clear, as she rotated between midfield and forward. A quick disposer of the ball she can often find herself under pressure but did well by hand and finished with eight tackles to go with 12 disposals.

#14 Candice Belbin

One of Tasmania’s top four-quarter performers, the over-ager was hard at it and typically clean by hand. Her contest to contest work was unsurprisingly strong, and she threw herself at everything. She was unlucky to be pinged for in the back at one stage after a great run-down tackle at half-forward. Her kicking is still a work in progress, but her ability to get first hands to the ball at ground level and shovel is out, or burst out of the stoppage was notable in the game.

#15 Priya Bowering

The double bottom-ager was lively in her first game for the year. Before she heads up the Under 16s side on the Gold Coast next week, Bowering made sure to make an impact through the midfield for the Devils. She laid a great run-down tackle in the second term to then hit-up White inside 50, and looked comfortable amongst the older players at the stoppages. She has a nice burst and though there were a few rushed kick from congestion, she was generally composed in traffic, particularly when able to be on the move.

#24 Georgia Clark

Firming as the standout tall forward in the competition, Clark had another strong game, kicking three goals from 15 disposals. It was perhaps a touch below her consistent involvement in Round 1, but she also saw less of the ball with the Jets holding sway up the other end. When near it she was superb, with ridiculous velcro hands that just clunk anything within sight. She finished with 11 marks and though two of her goals came from the goalsquare, she worked hard up the ground and was deserving of her final tally. She hit the post for one of her behinds too, so could have had a bigger haul.

#29 Mackenzie Williams

Williams was not as composed as usual in the match, with the long raking kick finding herself under immense pressure at times and often having to thump the ball forward. What was impressive was the way Williams was able to work through the game and continue to challenge the opponents with her run and strength, and she brought the heat as well with five tackles. Though her efficiency might have been down, she still played a role in the defensive 50.

#39 Grace White

Finishing with an equal game-high three goals alongside Clark, White was a target inside 50 for the Devils. She has the footy smarts to find space in the forward 50 and did work up to the wing at times, laying a tackle late in the first half. All her three goals came from set shots, and though there is a tendency to mark on the chest rather than the hands, she gives herself enough time and space to do it. Not the quickest player, but high footy IQ and great forward craft.


#9 Sierra Grieves

Had the ball on a string all day and was an equal offensive and defensive threat. Settling into the inside midfield role left by Top 10 picks, Montana Ham and Charlotte Baskaran, Grieves easily found her place en route to 32 disposals and 10 tackles. A lot of her best work was done in close and she often fired out a handball to a running teammate or sidestepped an opponent to kick clearly down the ground. Grieves also has the smarts to handball in front of herself when being chased. This allows her to not be tackled without winning a free, and also double her stats along the way. A really consistent strong game from Grieves who almost provided the highlight of the day with a massive hangar attempt in the final 30 seconds but could not pull it down.

#11 Lou-Lou Field

Playing in defence, the bottom-ager showed the traits that made her such an eye-catching player last season. Though capable of 25-plus touches on her day, Field just made the most of each opportunity and it is clear when she has the ball. A lovely long kick and outstanding hands, Field finished with the 17 disposals and six marks. Known for her aerial prowess, Field also got her hands dirty with six tackles.

#13 Kristie-Lee Weston-Turner

Capable of doing just about anything on the football field, Weston-Turner had some ‘almost moments’ mixed in with highlights both on the offensive and defensive end. She mowed down Belbin to win a free kick early in the game and looked set for a mammoth game after a huge first term. That quarter included a couple of shots that went to the goalsquare, but she would kick her goal in the third term off hands in the goalsquare cleverly. Playing as a key forward but doing her best work at ground level, Weston-Turner had a few near marks, but her recovery to get the ball forward off that was good.

#14 Kiera Whiley

The Western Jets skipper backed up her bottom-age year with a consistent performance. Not having too many deficiencies, Whiley is comfortable on both sides of her body and kicked off her right and left from stoppages. She covered the ground well and went when she had to go, or waited when a teammate got to it first. Just an all-round solid game, clean and composed.

  • Team
  • Eastern Ranges
  • Dandenong Stingrays

By: Peter Williams


#6 Hayley McLaughlin

Playing off her customary wing, McLaughlin found plenty of space across the ground and was equally prolific from an offensive and defensive standpoint. Though her decision making at times could improve a touch, her courageous efforts were outstanding and she was able to set up scoring opportunities with her clean kicking. A slight build, but one who packs a punch, McLaughlin would record an equal game-high 25 disposals, and work hard into space to clunk some big grabs.

#10 Laura Stone

Our Rookie Me Central Player of the Week for her performance in the win over Dandenong. Stone was influential across four quarters, and like McLaughlin, finished with 25 disposals. She loves to run and carry and she did just that, often being a second possession winner, darting around the back of a stoppage and kicking forward, and being clean under pressure. She really stepped up when it counted and just found a great balance between contested and uncontested ball.

#11 Jess Vukic

The ruck/forward does not need a lot of touches to do damage, and that was the case in Round 3 as she picked up 12 disposals and 11 hitouts, while also converting a goal. Her first set shot came from a terrific tackle in the forward pocket, and while that attempt went too narrow, she kicked a goal off a snap following a clean pickup. Vukic also provided a target around the ground, taking four marks and at a minimum, brought the ball to ground.

#12 Georgia Knight

A really lively forward who just has terrific evasion and footy smarts. She kicked a couple of goals and should have had a couple more but just missed off those quick kicks/ Her best goal was one where she read it brilliantly opposed to Jemma Ramsdale, nudged her opponent under the ball and made no mistake. Though she only had the eight touches, each one seemed to have an impact, with 2.2 for the match.

#14 Alyssia Pisano

Returning for her first game since her season-ending injury last year, Pisano was the most potent forward on the ground, kicking four goals in a starring effort. Losing none of her forward craft or evasion, Pisano just danced around her multiple opponents to kick some eye-catching goals. She only took two minutes to kick her first off a clever piece of play, and three of her four came from in-play shots. There were two more in the fourth term that were headed through the big sticks but just touched before it went through.

#17 Grace Baba

Only the 11 disposals, but Baba just has some eye-catching traits coming out of defence. Her acceleration is remarkable, and she brings the defensive pressure as well, laying a tackle to save a goal in the second term. Though Baba is ironing out some polish when under pressure, when given time to run out of defence, she can kick long and hit targets. A 176cm athletic tall, Baba will only get better with more time.

#22 Grace Belloni

Another natural ball-winner, Belloni just kept building as the game went on.She kicked a goal in the third term with a clever play, then accidentally whacked Pisano with an errant high-five that both players could laugh about. Belloni worked well up the ground to win it at half-back with a high line, and showed some promising traits with a slick sidestep and a bigger body to win the ball.

Alyssia Pisano celebrates one of her four goals against Dandenong Stingrays on the weekend. | Image credit: Rookie Me Central


#7 Mikayla Williamson

The AFLW Academy worked into the game in her second match for the year, and though she was still rusty with her marking and her kicking, she provided that trademark run that she has done regularly over the years. In close Williamson was clean via hand and her best work arguably came on the defensive end, laying a game-high eight tackles to go with her 18 touches.

#33 Eleanor Butler

The most consistent four-quarter Stingray, Butler tried hard all game in defence, battling her way to 15 disposals, three marks five tackles, and seven rebound 50s. She was moved onto Pisano in the second half and when opposed to her broke even, but it was her offensive drive and mopping up in defence that stood out. An over-age prospect who is hoping to get picked up at the second chance of asking, Butler is a reliable player out of the back 50.

  • Team
  • Gippsland Power
  • GWV Rebels

By: Peter Williams


#13 Luka Butters

Worked hard in a tough role in defence, taking a few marks and holding off her opponents. She provided important run and carry from the back 50, and though she was under high duress, was still able to move the ball in transition. She fended off a player charging down the middle in an eye-catching play, but was unfortunately pinged with the second tackle. Tried hard all match.

#16 Ash Centra

The talented bottom-ager was clearly a class above when it came to her ball-in-hand work with Centra hitting 40m targets for fun. She was strong overhead, took a number of contested clunks, and found herself playing in a variety of roles from starting midfield to being a target inside 50, then behind the ball later in the game where she took some important grabs. Centra missed a set shot from tight in the pocket and would finish with two behinds for the game. While her off the ball work could improve to have a greater impact on the game, when she is up and going in full flight, few can match her. Finished with 20 disposals, nine marks and five rebound 50s.

#21 Amber Schutte

Stepping up off half-back, Schutte was as consistent as they came, taking a stack of intercept marks. She put it on her thumping right boot often kicking long down the ground. The Vic Country hub member knew where the ball was going to go and used her smarts to get into the right spots and settle down the ship, and though often having to do it with pressure around her, showed assured hands. Schutte recorded 22 disposals, seven marks, seven tackles and seven rebound 50s, arguably Gippsland’s best player across four quarters.

It was a tough day for Gippsland Power, but Amber Schutte was an anchor off half-back. | Image credit: Rookie Me Central


#1 Isabella Davies

Davies had less to do this week with the ball up the other end for large portions of time, but the half-back held her line well and still mopped up when required. She pushed onto a wing to win the ball and showed great composure with ball-in-hand. Charging down an opponent in the third term was enough to force a shank kick in the goalsquare and save a goal, with Davies also taking a great running intercept mark and giving the ball off effectively.

#3 Bindi Crabtree

After an injury-interrupted 2022 and preseason, Crabtree came in for her first game of the year and looked very comfortable on a wing. She stood up in a tackle with great core strength despite only being 163cm, and had a great attack on the ball. She was a little rusty such as being pinged for holding the ball running into goal and turning the odd kick over, but when she was up and going she looked really exciting. Had the 14 disposals and six inside 50s.

#4 Elise Cook

Played a key role through the midfield and won her fair share of the ball exiting the stoppage. Cook’s ability to win the ball and burst out to kick forward looked good, and then went inside forward 50 to clunk a good contested mark in the third term. Her kick did not go to plan on that occasion, but she kept plugging away through the match. Cook provided a link-up player in the middle of the ground and had the 17 disposals, four marks, six tackles and four inside 50s in the win.

#5 Jessica Rentsch

Regaining her confidence in her third game back from a long-term leg injury, Rentsch was ultra-aggressive in her determination to take the game on from half-back. Early on, she pushed up to half-forward, shrugged of two players and slotted a brilliant goal to get her excited. Though at times she bites off a little too much and is either rushed or turns it over, her intent is outstanding. She did well at one stage to spoil the taller Centra on the wing. When at full steam, she is very exciting to watch.

#11 Molly Walton

It was Walton’s best game of the year, with the overager having a real say around the stoppages. She seems a lot more composed behind the footy, but built confidence playing on-ball again. At one point she looked so confident she ran 30m and forgot to bounce the ball so was pinged, but won her fair share of contested ball to make up for it. Her execution is still an area that needs developing when under pressure, but she has a long kick and is strong and reliable overhead. A kick-first player, Walton had 22 kicks from her 23 disposals and covered the ground incredibly well.

#15 Millie Lang

Like Davies, the defender had a little less to do early in the game, but as Gippsland got more forward ascendency in the second half, she featured more often. Able to kick off her right well enough, Lang’s left boot is something to behold with a penetrating kick that can go 40m and hit targets with ease. Combined with her safe hands, footy smarts and vision, Lang has an all-round game that is perfect for a centre half-back. Another terrific game which featured an outstanding kick under immense pressure from half-back to hit a target in the corridor.

#24 Lily Jordan

The most improved player keeps on keeping on, with five snags to take her total to 10 for the year. She was just unstoppable once the ball hit the deck, and is a one-touch player at ground level. As soon as she is in the area of a loose ball inside 50, Jordan looks likely to score and she did it on a number of occasions. The forward also knows how to weave and sidestep opponents, and had a couple of them during the match, as she had the 13 disposals to go with 5.2 for the match.

#35 Laila Lappin

The ruck took control around the stoppages taking the ball out of the ruck again which helps credit her with disposals but less so with hitouts. Nonetheless, her confidence in the ruck to win it and clear the ball was good, and though at times the clearing kicks could be rushed and it was a bit of a lucky dip to where they ended up, Lappin also impacted around the ground with strong second efforts. She went on a couple of runs which is rare for a player of her height and battled on hard throughout the game. Not a bad day out for the tall who finished with 26 disposals, three marks, five tackles, six hitouts and six inside 50s.

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