2021 Rookie Me Central Power Rankings: November

The Power Rankings
  • Jason Horne-Francis
    Jason Horne-Francis
    South Adelaide

    South Adelaide/South Australia | Midfielder
    21/06/2003 | 185cm | 81kg

    October Ranking: #1

    Snapshot: A midfielder with next to no weaknesses whose power bodes well for tough ball winning, impressive aerial marking, and damaging scoreboard impact.


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  • Nick Daicos
    Nick Daicos
    Oakleigh Chargers

    Oakleigh Chargers/Vic Metro | Midfielder
    3/01/2003 | 183cm | 72kg

    October Ranking: #2

    Snapshot: Daicos has an unrivalled understanding of the game; able to bring his teammates into the play and anticipate where his next possession will come from, leading to utter domination.


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  • Finn Callaghan
    Finn Callaghan
    Sandringham Dragons

    Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro | Balanced Midfielder
    26/04/2003 | 189cm | 82kg

    October Ranking: #3

    Snapshot: Callaghan is a classy mover with great poise and agility, and has shown a high level of development to prove his balance of outside and inside traits.


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  • Sam Darcy
    Sam Darcy
    Oakleigh Chargers

    Oakleigh Chargers/Vic Metro | Tall Utility
    19/07/2003 | 204cm | 75kg

    October Ranking #4

    Snapshot: Darcy is a fast-developing tall talent who can play in each key position post, is athletic, smart, and marks the ball cleanly.


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  • Ben Hobbs
    Ben Hobbs
    GWV Rebels

    GWV Rebels/Vic Country | Inside Midfielder
    16/09/2003 | 183cm | 80kg

    October Ranking: #5

    Snapshot: Hobbs is a hard-nosed, hard-working inside midfielder who loves to compete both defensively and in a ball winning sense.


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  • Josh Gibcus
    Josh Gibcus
    GWV Rebels

    GWV Rebels/Vic Country | Tall Defender
    4/04/2003 | 196cm | 87kg

    October Ranking: #6

    Snapshot: An intercept marking defender who reads the play well and has a sizeable leap, Gibcus’ eye-catching improvement has propelled him into top 10 calculations.


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  • Josh Ward
    Josh Ward
    Northern Knights

    Northern Knights/Vic Metro | Midfielder
    15/08/2003 | 181cm | 79kg

    October Ranking: #8

    Snapshot: A classy midfielder capable of winning mountains of possessions, Ward is as reliable as they come with his blend of clean skills and work rate.


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  • Mac Andrew
    Mac Andrew
    Dandenong Stingrays

    Dandenong Stingrays/Vic Country | Ruck/Forward
    12/04/2003 | 200cm | 70kg

    October Ranking: #7

    Snapshot: A raw tall prospect who has proven his worth in each key position post, Andrew’s vertical leap and fast-developing craft really catch the eye.


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  • Neil Erasmus
    Neil Erasmus

    Subiaco/Western Australia | Midfielder
    2/12/2003 | 190cm | 82kg

    October Ranking: #9

    Snapshot: Initially an forward who has transitioned wonderfully well into midfield, Erasmus is a work horse who lays claim to exciting traits both aerially and at ground level.


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  • Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera
    Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera

    Glenelg/South Australia | Wing
    22/02/2003 | 187cm | 71kg

    October Ranking: #10

    Snapshot: A smooth-moving wingman with plenty of tricks, Wanganeen-Milera can carve up the opposition with his combination of agility and elite decision making by foot.


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  • Josh Rachele
    Josh Rachele
    Murray Bushrangers

    Murray Bushrangers/Vic Country | Small Forward/Midfielder
    11/04/2003 | 180cm | 78kg

    October Ranking: #12

    Snapshot: A mercurial forward who has drawn comparisons to GWS star Toby Greene, Rachele has unbelievable smarts, skills, and a keen eye for goal.


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  • Tyler Sonsie
    Tyler Sonsie
    Eastern Ranges

    Eastern Ranges/Vic Metro | Midfielder
    27/01/2003 | 181cm | 77kg

    October Ranking: #11

    Snapshot: A smooth-moving midfielder with terrific poise and class, Sonsie opens up the play with his clean disposal and ability to find the goals.


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  • Jye Amiss
    Jye Amiss
    East Perth

    East Perth/Western Australia | Tall Forward
    31/07/2003 | 196cm | 83kg 

    October Ranking: #14

    Snapshot: A deadeye key forward whose rate of improvement has been a sight to behold, Amiss is nothing short of prolific inside attacking 50.


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  • Josh Sinn
    Josh Sinn
    Sandringham Dragons

    Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro | Defender/Midfielder
    7/01/2003 | 186cm | 82kg

    October Ranking: #16

    Snapshot: A line-breaking half-back who has shown promising development on both sides of midfield, Sinn’s greatest strengths are his speed and kick penetration.


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  • Arlo Draper
    Arlo Draper
    South Adelaide

    South Adelaide/South Australia | Midfielder/Forward
    20/01/2003 | 186cm | 75kg

    October Ranking: #13

    Snapshot: Draper is a classy midfielder-forward who utilises his agility in tight spaces through the engine room, and brilliant marking ability to impact when stationed inside attacking 50.


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  • Matthew Johnson
    Matthew Johnson

    Subiaco/Western Australia | Midfielder
    16/03/2003 | 192cm | 81kg

    October Ranking: #15

    Snapshot: With smooth agility, clean hands and sound decision making, Johnson is one of the premier tall midfielders in this year’s draft crop and has plenty of upside.


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  • Josh Goater
    Josh Goater
    Calder Cannons

    Calder Cannons/Vic Metro | Midfielder/Utility
    2/06/2003 | 190cm | 79kg

    October Ranking: #17

    Snapshot: A big-bodied midfielder with explosive athletic traits and clean hands, Goater is a prospect with great potential and versatility.


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  • Campbell Chesser
    Campbell Chesser
    Sandringham Dragons

    Sandringham Dragons/Vic Country | Midfielder/Defender
    27/04/2003 | 186cm | 83kg

    October Ranking: #19

    Snapshot: A speedy and productive mover on the outside, Chesser breaks the lines from half-back or the wing but has also shown a good balance in his ball winning.


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  • Darcy Wilmot
    Darcy Wilmot
    Northern Knights

    Northern Knights/Vic Metro | Small Defender
    31/12/2003 | 183cm | 75kg

    October Ranking: #20

    Snapshot: Wilmot is a tenacious and brave half-back whose most flashy weapons show on the rebound, as he intercepts before breaking the lines with great speed and ball use.


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  • Sam Butler
    Sam Butler
    GWV Rebels

    GWV Rebels/Vic Country | Forward/Midfielder
    10/02/2003 | 184cm | 76kg

    October Ranking: #21

    Snapshot: Butler has wonderfully clean hands and searing pace, traits which have translated well from an initial forward role to an eventual midfield venture.


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  • Jacob van Rooyen
    Jacob van Rooyen

    Claremont/Western Australia | Tall Forward/Defender
    16/04/2003 | 193cm | 91kg 

    October Ranking: #23

    Snapshot: van Rooyen is a tall forward who presents with physical intent, strong hands and a booming kick, but has also shown great potential as a swingman.


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  • Tom Brown
    Tom Brown
    Murray Bushrangers

    Murray Bushrangers/Vic Country | Medium Defender
    30/07/2003 | 186cm | 74kg

    October Ranking: #22

    Snapshot: A dashing half-back with terrific athleticism in the form of speed and a vertical leap, Brown is a bolting talent you’ll likely miss if you blink.


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  • Mitchell Knevitt
    Mitchell Knevitt
    Geelong Falcons

    Geelong Falcons/Vic Country | Inside Midfielder
    8/01/2003 | 193cm | 81kg

    October Ranking: #28

    Snapshot: A highly athletic tall midfielder with great size and reach, Knevitt dominates at the coalface and has scope to impact around the ground.



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  • Zac Taylor
    Zac Taylor
    Calder Cannons

    Calder Cannons/Vic Metro | Midfielder/Forward
    31/01/2003 | 180cm | 74kg

    October Ranking: #25

    Snapshot: A crafty small prospect with outstanding vision, skills and decision making, Taylor has no trouble finding the ball and makes things happen going forward.


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  • Matthew Roberts
    Matthew Roberts
    South Adelaide

    South Adelaide/South Australia | Midfielder/Forward
    31/07/2003 | 183cm | 81kg

    October Ranking: #18

    Snapshot: Roberts is a hard-working and consistent midfielder with senior experience who racks up plenty of the ball, but can also rotate forward.


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  • Josh Fahey
    Josh Fahey
    GIANTS Academy

    GIANTS Academy/Allies | Medium Defender
    11/11/2003 | 186cm | 76kg

    October Ranking: #29

    Snapshot: A run-and-gun rebounding defender who gives his all and boasts a raking left-foot kick, Fahey is this year’s leading Northern Academy talent.


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  • Jesse Motlop
    Jesse Motlop
    South Fremantle

    South Fremantle/Western Australia | Small Forward
    23/11/2003 | 177cm | 77kg

    October Ranking: #26

    Snapshot: A highly skilled small forward with great goal sense, speed and smarts, Motlop comes from good pedigree and can impact games in a flash.


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  • Blake Howes
    Blake Howes
    Sandringham Dragons

    Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro | Forward/Wing
    7/04/2003 | 190cm | 79kg

    October Ranking: #27

    Snapshot: One of the best athletes available in this year’s draft, Howes boasts a terrific aerial game but also competes well at ground level and shows promising versatility.


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  • Jack Williams
    Jack Williams
    East Fremantle

    East Fremantle/Western Australia | Tall Forward/Ruck
    1/12/2003 | 195cm | 93kg

    October Ranking: #24

    Snapshot: Williams is a versatile tall prospect who thrives aerially and on the lead, consistently kicking goals up forward while also rotating through the ruck.


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  • Toby Conway
    Toby Conway
    Geelong Falcons

    Geelong Falcons/Vic Country | Ruck
    24/04/2003 | 205cm | 97kg

    October Ranking: NR

    Snapshot: A physically ready ruck whose craft is sound at the stoppages, Conway also has a strong endurance base and is developing his work around the ground.


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  • Judson Clarke
    Judson Clarke
    Dandenong Stingrays

    Dandenong Stingrays/Vic Country | Small Forward/Midfielder
    17/10/2003 | 180cm | 70kg

    October Ranking: NR

    Snapshot: Clarke is a zippy small midfielder who can light up games in a flash with his surging forward run, tricky agility and finishing ability.


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  • Rhett Bazzo
    Rhett Bazzo
    Swan Districts

    Swan Districts/Western Australia | Tall Defender/Forward
    17/10/2003 | 195cm | 81kg

    October Ranking: NR

    Snapshot: A key defender with swingman capabilities, Bazzo is a fantastic reader of the play aerially and clean with ball in hand.


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  • Mitch Owens
    Mitch Owens
    Sandringham Dragons

    Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro | Wing/Utility
    24/09/2003 | 190cm | 85kg

    October Ranking: NR

    Snapshot: A fast-developing utility with explosive athletic traits who puts in the hard yards running both ways, and catches the eye with gutsy aerial efforts.


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  • Connor Macdonald
    Connor Macdonald
    Dandenong Stingrays

    Dandenong Stingrays/Vic Country | Inside Midfielder/Forward
    13/01/2003 | 184cm | 77kg

    October Ranking: NR

    Snapshot: A player capable of winning the lion’s share of clearances, Macdonald works at speed going both ways and can also hit the scoreboard.



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  • Corey Warner
    Corey Warner
    East Fremantle

    East Fremantle/Western Australia | Balanced Midfielder
    7/10/2003 | 182cm | 74kg

    October Ranking: #30

    Snapshot: Warner is a hard-running midfielder who can play both inside and out, breaking forward with intent and a penetrating left-foot kick.


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  • Angus Sheldrick
    Angus Sheldrick

    Claremont/Western Australia | Midfielder
    7/11/2003 | 179cm | 88kg

    October Ranking: NR

    Snapshot: A strong inside bull who bustles through congestion and provides consistent ball winning output through sheer will and determination.


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  • Marcus Windhager
    Marcus Windhager
    Sandringham Dragons

    Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro | Midfielder/Forward
    16/05/2003 | 183cm | 82kg

    October Ranking: NR

    Snapshot: An explosive midfielder with clean hands and a great turn of speed who can also roll forward and hit the scoreboard.


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  • Cooper Murley
    Cooper Murley

    Norwood/South Australia | Balanced Midfielder/Small Forward
    20/06/2003 | 178cm | 70kg

    October Ranking: NR

    Snapshot: A damaging attacking runner who can play on both sides of midfield and up forward, Murley looks to hurt the opposition with his speed and skill.


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  • Lachlan Rankin
    Lachlan Rankin
    Oakleigh Chargers

    Oakleigh Chargers/Vic Metro | Medium Utility
    5/02/2003 | 182cm | 68kg

    October Ranking: NR

    Snapshot: A versatile prospect with high-level smarts and evasion, Rankin showcases clean skills in every third of the ground.


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  • Kai Lohmann
    Kai Lohmann
    GWV Rebels

    GWV Rebels/Vic Country | Medium Forward
    5/02/2003 | 185cm | 76kg

    October Ranking: NR

    Snapshot: A highly athletic forward capable of the mercurial, Lohmann combines speed and a springy vertical leap to produce highlight reel plays.


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